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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Austin Heating and Cooling System

July 30, 2019

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You’ve spent a decent amount of money on your air conditioner and furnace. Just like with any significant purchase, you want to protect it. Here are seven tips for maintaining your Austin heating and cooling system.

To maintain your Austin heating and cooling system, you should implement these seven tips. Keep your equipment clean, replace filters as needed, update the thermostat, check the fans, make room around outside units, look for clogs or physical damage, and get routine heating and cooling maintenance in Austin from an expert.Austin Heating & Cooling System Maintenance Starts with Clean Equipment

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1) Austin Heating & Cooling System Maintenance Starts with Clean Equipment

Have you ever felt like your car ran better after it was clean? Or maybe you seem to have your life a little more in order when the house is spotless? When you keep your Austin heating and cooling system clean, it’s the same idea, but it really does run more efficiently. By managing the cleanliness of your air conditioner, furnace, and/or heat pump, it will run like a brand new piece of equipment.

Make sure when cleaning to first shut the power off to avoid any electrical shock. Also, keep in mind there are indoor parts like the blower and evaporator along with outdoor components like the compressor and coil condenser. If you’re comfortable with it, you can open up your Austin heating and cooling system to spray down the fins with fin cleaner and wash down the rest of the debris present with your garden hose. For those of you that aren’t so certain about this type of work, there are professional HVAC companies in Austin that can do it for you.

2) Replace Your Filters to Keep Austin Heating & Cooling Systems Running Efficiently

The filter inside your Austin heating and cooling system are meant to filter out the dirt, dust, and other debris you don’t want flying around in the air. Over time, these substances build-up and can clog or block the filter. Sometimes, depending on what type of filter you have, you can wash it. Other models cannot be cleaned, though, and you have to replace them every few months. If you feel as though you’re cleaning or replacing your filter too often, talk with a professional HVAC contractor in Austin about pleated air filters that are built to last longer.

3) Is it Time to Modernize Your Thermostat for Your Austin Heating and Cooling System?

How old is your thermostat? If you have one of the older versions that are mechanical, it’s time to replace it. It’s like comparing a smartphone to the old spin number dialing phones. There are a variety of options for more technologically advanced thermostats, including Wi-Fi ones that you can run from your phone or tablet. Not only are these more convenient, but they are also capable of making your Austin heating and cooling system run more efficiently.

4) Check the Fans On Your Austin Heating and Cooling System

Proper airflow is the primary reason your Austin heating and cooling system keeps you comfortable. You have to make sure that your fan blades aren’t damaged, bent, or missing to get the highest-performance from your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace. While the power is still off and you have your unit open, explore all of the fans for chips and cracks. If you find any, the blades need to be replaced. Clean up the area thoroughly and oil the fan motor if there is one.

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5) Make Room for Your Austin Heating and Cooling System

A lot of homeowners don’t think about their landscaping growing over the years into space where their Austin heating and cooling is set up. It’s part of nature for vegetation to continue taking up more and more room. When doing your maintenance, keep two feet of clearance all around any equipment outside. Also, if you have Cottonwoods or another similar tree, you’ll have to clean out your machines even more. This kind of debris is well-know by professional HVAC contractors in Austin for clogging air conditioning systems.

6) Explore Your Austin Heating & Cooling Systems for Clogs and Damage

Unless you have some experience in the HVAC industry, you might not be able to do step six entirely independently. However, almost anyone can look at their HVAC equipment to see if there are any obvious damages. It could be a big dent, scratch, or another issue.

If it’s something that seems concerning, call an Austin HVAC contractor to do a professional examination. He or she can also check for clogs in the drains, coils, and other components that could be causing inefficiency.

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7) Schedule an Austin Heating and Cooling Maintenance Appointment with an Expert!

No time, interest, or know-how in inspecting your Austin heating and cooling equipment? No problem! It’s best to have your regular heating and air conditioning maintenance done by a trained professional anyway. Choose someone local, with experience, licensing, and insurance, and a company that offers competitive prices and iron-clad warranties. That’s how you can be sure you’re getting the best heating and cooling company in Austin!

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