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5 Warning Signs That You Need a Professional AC Service in Austin

June 30, 2019

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The key to fixing the most significant problems is preventing them from happening in the first place. Sometimes, if you can catch a minor predicament early, you can avoid much more catastrophic situations. Here are five warning signs that point towards the need for professional AC service in Austin.

There are several reasons why you should reach for the phone to call a professional for AC service in Austin. When your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, or there isn’t much of an airflow, if you smell odd odors, if you hear strange sounds, when there is moisture where there shouldn’t be, and if your thermostat isn’t working, it’s time to make an appointment with an HVAC contractor in Austin.

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Professional AC Service in Austin Fixes Low or No Air Flow Problems

The whole point of your air conditioner is to provide you with a decent airflow of cold, refreshing air dispersed evenly throughout your home. If you walk by your registers and the pressure isn’t what it usually is, or if there is no cool air coming out at all, then you need a professional AC service in Austin right away.

Without the forced air coming through your cooling system in Austin, you’re paying for something that’s not working. It could be a clog in the ac ductwork, an electrical issue with the actual air conditioner, or something else that those that don’t have experience in HVAC likely won’t be able to find or fix.

You can save yourself a ton of time and stress by skipping the DIY diagnosis and getting an expert on the phone right away. The longer you leave your equipment working improperly, the higher the chance something even worse will happen. Try and find an HVAC company in Austin that offers 24-hour emergency ac repair services so you can get the problem taken care of now.

austin HVAC contractor doing AC filters installation in Austin

Get a Professional AC Service in Austin When Something Smells Different

When your air conditioning system kicks on, does it leave a strange smelling odor in your home? Depending on what the scent is, there could be a couple of different things going on. Both require immediate AC service in Austin by a highly-skilled professional.

  • Musty odor – likely mold that needs to be cleaned ASAP to prevent severe breathing and health issues.
  • Foul or pungent odor – potential electrical wiring insulation problems. This is a fire hazard risk, and you should get an AC service in Austin done immediately.

If you notice a stench, but it doesn’t fit any of these two situations, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make an appointment for an expert evaluation just to be sure there isn’t something going on that could be harmful.

Strange Noises Mean it’s Time for Professional AC Service in Austin

An air conditioner doesn’t run entirely silently, but some noises need attention through an AC service in Austin. Grating, grinding, or squealing is often an indicator that there’s something malfunctioning inside the unit. 

For instance, squealing usually means a belt came off. Grinding sounds point technicians to the likelihood of broken bearings. Sometimes, it’s just a little extra lubricant that’s required. In any case, you don’t want to ignore any unusual noises. Have them inspected, and you could be saving yourself from a much more expensive air conditioning system replacement in Austin prematurely.

AC Service in Austin to Evaluate Moisture Issues

There is often at least some moisture around your air conditioner, but it should be very minimal. Any pooling or visible leaking is a sign it’s time to call for AC service in Austin. The biggest thing to worry about when you see fluid leaking from your unit is that it might be refrigerant. It’s a substance that can be dangerous to both you and your loved ones if you come in contact with it. Leaking coolant is an emergency ac repair in Austin situation!

Another reason for the extra moisture could be a clogged or damaged drain line somewhere. While it’s not quite as threatening, it still needs to be cleared away. By freeing up that line, you’re allowing your air conditioner to run with maximum efficiency.

complete HVAC services in Austin

A Malfunctioning Thermostat Means You Need AC Service in Austin Right Away!

Your unit seems to be okay. It’s not dirty, leaking, smelly, or making any strange sounds. There still appears to be something wrong with it, though. The thermostat is also a part of your cooling system. If there’s something amiss with it, then nothing is going to work. 

If your home isn’t cooling evenly, or if the actual temperature inside doesn’t match up with the setting on the unit, then there’s a need for an AC service in Austin. Get an expert HVAC company in Austin on the phone right away in this or any of the previously mentioned cases to save yourself from a headache and from spending any extra money.

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